DELIVER is a European Industrial Doctorate programme coordinated by NUI Galway working to break insulin-dependency in juvenile diabetic patients. It provides training for 6 Early Stage Researchers in the field of advanced therapies for innovative pancreatic islet transplantation.


DRIVE aims to improve pancreatic islet transplant therapy for diabetes mellitus, a chronic disease characterised by high blood sugar due to a shortage of insulin. Transplant of insulin-producing pancreatic islets restores tight natural control of blood sugar, eliminating the need for multiple daily injections of insulin, that ultimately affect patient’s quality of life.


We developed an endocrine pancreas-on-a-chip model based on a tailored microfluidic platform, which enables self-guided trapping of single human pseudo-islets. Continuous, low-shear perfusion provides a physiologically relevant microenvironment especially important for modeling and monitoring of the endocrine function as well as sufficient supply with nutrients and oxygen. Human pseudo-islets, generated from the conditionally immortalized EndoC-βH3 cell line, were successfully injected by hydrostatic pressure-driven flow without altered viability. To track insulin secretion kinetics in response to glucose stimulation in a time-resolved manner, dynamic sampling of the supernatant as well as non-invasive real-time monitoring using Raman microspectroscopy was established on-chip.