We are working closely with the Women's Hospital medical department to find new non-invasive methods to diagnose very early stages of endometriosis. It is our goal to create a new gold standard for endometriosis detection, which may lead to new processes to manage the disease.

Tissue-Engineered Cervix

Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, or MRKH, is a rare disease affecting approximately 1 of every 5000 women. It can be characterized by a very shortened vaginal canal or no vagina at all. Surgeons, particularly Prof. Dr. Sara Brucker and her team at the University Women's Hospital Tübingen, have designed a surgical procedure to (re)create a neovagina for MRKH patients, which enables the patients to have normal sexual lives, yet they are still unable to bear children due to the absence of a cervix. It is our goal to engineer an implantable cervix, so these women may one day carry a baby to term.